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Freight Brokers:
It's early afternoon... the telephone rings... one of your biggest clients is on the phone saying that he has a truckload of newly made inventory that has to be delivered to his customer yesterday.

Your client has promised his customer the order would ship today and has informed you that if he does not see a truck by closing time, he may lose his customer's business for good.

You really want to come through for your client and be the hero in this situation. But capacity is tight, many carriers are under insured, and others are even dropping off of loads at the last minute leaving you in need of a quick and reliable solution.

Now is the time for DelVal Action Cargo!

Call our dispatchers at 800-451-3158. Your client's freight will move ASAP, fully insured, and you will see for yourself what so many of our broker clients already know, that actions speak louder than words!
Delivering Coast to Coast & Canada